Hospital Infection Control

Hospital Infection Control

Hospital Infection being important cause of preventable morbidity and mortality among hospital patients is accorded highest priority in patient care. Following intervention measures are taken by the hospital to address menace of hospital infection.

Hospital Infection Control Committee

Hospital has constituted Hospital Infection Control Committee which meets on monthly basis under the chairmanship of Medical Superintendent. It monitors implementation of infection control policies of the hospital and also critically looks at hospital indices of hospital acquired infections during the month under review. System improvement measures whenever required are discussed and recommended by the committee. The minutes of the meeting are documented and recorded. Hospital has a an Infection Control Nurse who supervises Infection Control measures in the hospital on day to day basis and also regularly conducts training for the hospital staff.

Central Sterile Supply Department

Supply of sterile supply to various work areas of the hospital is key to infection control in the hospital. Supply of sterile instruments, dressing material, linens etc ensures control of infection transmission among hospital patients.
Hospital provides a modern CSSD service. CSSD is located on the fourth floor of the new hospital building.
CSSD is equipped with range of equipments such as jet cleaning, disinfector, Ultra Sonic Cleaner, dryer and double door horizontal autoclave, CSSD furniture and Pass Box.
In order to ensure inaccessibility to any staff except the OT Technician to the sterilized material, sterilized material is received in a dedicated AC room and sterilized material is distributed through a pass Box.

Bio Medical Waste Management

Bio Medical Waste segregation, collection and disposal are regulated as per rules of the relevant act. Segregated waste is collected, weighed on daily basis and kept in the Bio Medical Waste Room. The same is collected from the room by the authorized collection agency for final disposal. Hospital has license for generation, collection and disposal is periodically renewed by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. from time . Infection Control Nurse monitors various activities on daily basis and takes corrective measures concurrently whenever required,

Sewage Treatment Plant

Hospital has installed 50 KLD capacity STP for treatment of sewage released by the hospital before its final discharge in civic drains or its use for its miscellaneous uses such as washing and watering of plants.

Plant is maintained by STP operators on shift basis. Treated waste will be tested periodically to examine the functionality of STP plant as per standards laid down by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. STP will ensure that sewage released in the system is rendered harmless before its release.

Universal Precautions

Hospital insists on observance of universal precaution by each of its staff involved in the care of patients for prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection. Such measures include use of protective gears such as caps, Goggles, Masks, gloves and gowns while dealing with body fluids and other infective discharges. Infection Control Nurse conducts regular training activities to ensure practice and sustenance of precautions among hospital staff.

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