Intensive Care Unit


Over the years , critical care has emerged as crucial and indispensable clinical speciality in the field of medical care. Critical care caters to seriously ill patient population, who require life/organ support in the form of ventilator in cases of respiratory compromise, dialysis for kidney failure, drug support and intensive monitoring in haemodynamically unstable patients etc.

MGM Hospital at CBD Belapur has one of the best critical care units in Belapur-Panvel area of Navi Mumbai. Critical care unit at hospital is multidisciplinary in nature and managed by highly skilled and efficient specialists/ intensivists, well trained nursing staff and paramedics.


State of art critical care unit is well equipped with modern age systems and provides specialised services based on the clinical requirements of the patients.

  • Cardiac Care Unit (CCU): Hospital has made provision for dedicated Cardiac Care beds for cardiac patients suffering from heart attack, heart failure and heart rhythm disturbances. Proximity to cardiac Cath lab and OT, facilitates better patient care, safety and management of cardiac patients.
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU): Hospital also provides for SICU beds dedicated to surgical and trauma patients requiring intensive monitoring and care. Patients undergoing major/ supra major surgeries and/or surgical patients with pre existing multiple co morbidities and complicated obstetric patients are managed in this unit.
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU): Provision of MICU beds facilitates care for medical patients with life threatening illnesses like stroke, sepsis, complicated malaria, dengue, pneumonia and multiorgan dysfunction syndrome.
  • Isolation Unit: Critical care uit also provides for an One Isolation room with negative pressure and separate air handling unit so necessary for isolation of patients suffering from Infectious diseases, those who are immune compromised and post organ transplant patients. Negative pressure and separate air handling unit prevents the spread of infection to other patients in critical care area and other parts of the hospital.
  • Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): Critical Care Unit has a separate 3 bedded PICU for children under 14 years of age which is separate from Adult critical care area.

Dedicated Isolation Room for Infectious disease Case with negative pressure and dedicated air handling unit

Technology & Infrastructure:

Our critical care department consists of ICUs dedicated to cardiac, medical, Paediatric and surgical patients.

  • Multimodality monitoring including ECG, oxygen saturation, invasive and non- invasive blood pressure monitor, EtCO2, cardiac output monitoring etc.

  • Bedside X-ray, 2D ECHO, EEG, Sonography and doppler studies.

  • Sophisticated ventilators for invasive as well as non invasive ventilation.

  • Bedside, hemodialysis, plasma exchange facilities.

  • IABP, trans-cutaneous and trans-venous pacing, pulmonary arterial catheter.

  • Resuscitation equipments, Defibrillators, advanced airway devices and well maintained crash carts in every unit.

  • 24 hour support of blood storage unit, pharmacy, pathology, 64 slice CT scan and 3 Tesla MRI machine.

  • Pneumatic Tube System for quick transportation of pathology Lab and drugs from pharmacy to the critical care area.