All emergency cases are attended at Emergency Unit of the hospital. Emergency Unit is functional 24x365 days basis.

Emergency Unit has been equipped with all life saving equipments which include Ventilator, Multi Para Monitors, Piped Oxygen, portable Vacuum Pump, Defibrillator, Mobile Stretcher Trolleys, Laryngoscope, standby Oxygen Cylinders, Pulse Oxymeters, ECG machine and Glucometers and focus light for minor surgical work.

Doctors, Nurses and other Para Medical Staff are deployed on 24 hour basis in required numbers. Unit is adequately furnished with required numbers of accessories like wheel Chairs (including one for obese patient) and patient stretcher trolleys. Emergency Unit staff is well trained to adequately deal with trauma, acute medical emergencies, minor surgical procedures including plasters, dressings etc. Staff is also familiar with MLC procedures and insisted upon to meticulously implement the same.

Patients received in Emergency are assessed by Casualty Medical Officer and casualty Nurse. Based on initial assessment, when required, concerned specialist is informed to visit hospital to attend the patient. After initial assessment, patient is transferred either to ward or ICU based on the care requirement and advise of treating consultant. Those of the patients who do not require hospital admission are given primary aid and allowed to go home.