What is diabetic foot ulcer?

A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs in approximately 15 percent of patients with diabetes, and is commonly located on the bottom of the foot. Of those who develop a foot ulcer, six percent will be hospitalized due to infection or other ulcer-related complication.
MGM Hospital CBD provides comprehensive treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers through its team of skilled specialists and experts. The hospital also offers specialized services like foot orthotics and rehabilitation programs to improve the mobility and quality of life for diabetic foot ulcer patients.



According to MGM hospital's experts, some of the main symptoms with diabetic foot ulcers are listed below:

  • Any changes to the skin or toenails, including cuts, blisters, calluses or sores. Discharge of fluid or pus.
  • Foul smell.
  • Pain.
  • Redness.
  • Skin discoloration.
  • Swelling.


The few factors that can lead to diabetic foot ulcer :

  • The etiology for diabetic foot ulcer is multifactorial.
  • The common underlying causes are poor glycemic control, calluses, foot deformities, improper foot care, ill-fitting footwear, underlying peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation, dry skin, etc.


Simply consult with our specialists at our hospital to recover without risk; following way the risk may occure:

  • Diabetic ulcers are a serious complication caused by a combination of poor circulation, susceptibility to infection and nerve damage from high blood sugar levels.
  • When there is limited blood flow to the wounded area, the body struggles to heal its skin wounds. So, these wounds develop into diabetic ulcers.


Prevention advices provided by our doctors:

  • Proper Footwear.
  • Blood Sugar.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Tobacco Cessation.

How is it diagnosed?

I suggest going to MGM hospital at CBD to avoid receiving the incorrect diagnosis or treatment: Your doctor may recommend X-ray imaging to assess changes in the alignment of the bones in the foot, which can contribute to an ulcer. X-rays can also reveal a loss of bone mass, which may occur as a result of hormonal imbalances related to diabetes.The diagnostic procedures for Diabetic Foot Ulcer provided by MGM Hospital CBD may include a thorough: •Medical examination
•Patient's medical history
•Evaluation of blood sugar levels
•CT scans


How is it treated?

MGM Hospital CBD provides comprehensive treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcer with their team of skilled specialists and experts. The treatment approach may include wound care, infection management, control of blood sugar levels.

The experts at MGM Hospital CBD work together to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery skin grafts for persistent or nonhealing ulcers

Podiatric surgery

Podiatric surgery to correct foot deformities, such as high arches or flat feet

Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery to reduce the risk of developing new or recurring ulcers We approach each patient’s care as a team, bringing together the expertise of our colleagues in endocrinology, physical rehabilitation, and limb salvage to personalize each patient’s treatment plan.

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