What is fess surgery?

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, or functional endoscopic sinus surgery, is a procedure that is used to treat sinusitis and other conditions that affect the sinuses. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses that can cause symptoms such as congestion, headaches, and difficulty breathing through the nose. At MGM Hospital CBD, FESS surgery is performed by skilled specialists and experts in the field of ENT surgery.
MGM Hospital CBD uses advanced techniques and equipment to perform FESS surgery, including computer navigation and image-guided systems, which help to improve the accuracy and safety of the procedure.



ou should contact our hospital if you have any of the following indications for fess surgery:

  • Bleeding.
  • Fatigue.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Discharge.


Our MGM hospital healthcare explains the following reasons for fess surgery to the patient:

Fever higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit in the days following surgery Constant clear watery discharge from the nose a week after surgery Sudden vision changes or eye swelling Severe headache or neck stiffness Severe diarrhea Steady, brisk, nose bleeding that doesn’t get better after using decongestant spray


At MGM hospital CBD, we acknowledge the hazards of fess surgery and adopt a tailored approach to each patient's treatment in the following ways:

  • Lp is a thin bone and can be fractured easily resulting in fat herniation, intra-orbital bleeding and EOM damage.

  • Posteriorly, on is at risk as it lies in a more medial plane, and closer to the lateral wall of the posterior ethmoid cells (Onodi cells) and sphenoid sinus.


To avoid fess operation, our MGM hospital healthcares take the following precautions:

  • If you smoke, stop smoking at least three weeks before your surgery.
  • Smoking can make your sinus symptoms worse. Ask your healthcare provider for advice or resources to help with this.
  • Don't take aspirin for at least 10 days before your surgery.

How is it diagnosed?

MGM hospital's healthcare professionals perform the following tests: Sinusitis is usually very apparent and easily diagnosed because of its distinctive symptoms such as postnasal drip, facial heaviness, pain and swelling around the eyes, cheeks, nose, or forehead, blocked nose, etc. However, a comprehensive diagnosis is necessary to determine a treatment plan, especially if the patient is not showing significant improvement through medical management. To diagnose the need for FESS surgery, MGM Hospital CBD may perform several diagnostic procedures, including:
• Nasal endoscopy
• CT scan
• Allergy testing
• Culture and sensitivity testing
• Blood tests


How is it treated?

MGM Hospital CBD provides FESS surgery treatment with the help of highly skilled and experienced ENT specialists. ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.
Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is a surgical procedure performed by an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) surgeon to treat chronic sinusitis and other conditions affecting the sinuses. The goal of the surgery is to improve the drainage of the sinuses by removing any obstructions.Here are the general steps involved in a typical FESS:


The patient is given a general anesthesia to ensure they do not feel any pain during the surgery.

Endoscope insertion

The surgeon inserts an endoscope, a thin, flexible tube with a light and camera attached, into the nasal cavity to visualize the sinus openings.

Removal of obstructions

Using specialized surgical instruments, the surgeon removes any obstructions, such as polyps, cysts, or thickened mucous membranes, that are blocking the sinus openings.

Reshaping of tissues

The surgeon may also reshape or remove tissues, such as the nasal turbinates, to improve the airflow and drainage of the sinuses.


Once the surgery is complete, the surgeon will close the incisions using dissolvable stitches, and a nasal splint may be placed inside the nose to support the newly opened sinuses.

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